Planet-scale, composable
infrastructure management

Lightweight, intelligent automation for on-premises
and geographically distributed edge infrastructure.

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Millions of devices,
infinite possibilities

Whether you have a hundred servers or an environment that spans hundreds of thousands of edge locations, the MetalSoft platform delivers a faster, more scalable, and more autonomous set of technologies to reduce your overall management burden.

Zero touch
  • Auto discovery of equipment
  • Manage bare metal servers, switches, storages
  • Blueprint-based infrastructure deployments
  • Policy based automated firmware upgrades
Low overhead
  • Zero overhead as edge controller runs directly on switches
  • Topology aware asset distribution
  • Distributed monitoring keeps data at the edge
  • User defined deployment workflows
  • User defined boot processes
  • Designed to inter-operate with existing OSS/BSS stacks

In three years, 45 percent of internet of things-generated data will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon close to or at the edge of networks. By enabling data aggregation and processing at the edge, companies can achieve bandwidth savings while also reducing latency and improving reliability.

International Data Corporation


MetalSoft lets you build your own distributed edge-aware data mesh for storing & processing data at the edge. We use it for log processing and AI training. You can also bring your own algorithms and adapt to your unique needs.

  • Combine near-edge sites into a single, globally accesible virtual data lake
  • Distributed log & monitoring data storage
  • Built-in ML/AI libraries & processing frameworks
  • Bring your own ML algorithms and data processing workflows
  • Bring your own application stack

Long history of
building innovations

With many years of experience in infrastructure automation and building companies, our leadership team is focused on bringing innovations to the edge.

Lucas Roh

Founder and CEO

John Martis


Alex Bordei

VP of Product Engineering

We orchestrate
the Edge

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