Build & Operate
Cloud-Native Bare
Metal Infrastructure
Intelligent bare metal automation software spanning
from the core to the edge
Get Full Control of
Your Bare Metal
Many of today’s enterprises and service providers run their own bare metal equipment in datacenters to achieve lower cost, higher performance, and/or to retain full control of their infrastructure despite considerable challenges of managing your own equipment.

MetalSoft addresses these challenges by delivering an intelligent automation software platform for managing your data centers and bare metal equipment, whether you have a single rack of servers or tens of thousands of racks spread across the globe.

Our software delivers on the promise of hyperconverged hardware by managing servers, switches and storage as an integrated system while also being vendor neutral and scalable. It is a mature platform for operating fully remote, “lights-out” data centers.
Zero touch
Full management of bare metal servers, storage, and switches
Auto-discovery and registration of equipment
Self-service infrastructure deployments
User defined deployment workflows
Designed to inter-operate with existing ecosystem
Support for multi-vendor, heterogeneous equipment
Fully programmable
Developer-friendly, fully API-driven
Build infrastructure as code
Integrated with third party tools including Terraform and Ansible
Build Cloud-Native
While delivering the lights-out management of datacenters and its hardware, MetalSoft also provides a modern, multi-tenant platform for building and operating bare metal public or private clouds in addition to running cloud-native applications and containers on bare metal infrastructure with full self-service capability.

MetalSoft fully supports a mixed environment where virtual machines, native bare metal applications, and container applications on bare metal not only coexist but can be integrated into a single infrastructure.
Native Kubernetes integration
Unique Layer 2 networking support reduces inter-container latency by as much as 10x
Integrated CSI interface enables storage persistency for containers
Automated deployment of Kubernetes enables fast auto-scaling
Bare metal performance & isolation
Eliminates hypervisor performance overhead, complexity and cost
Directly use kernel bypass accelerators, smart NICs, GPUs or FPGAs for orders of magnitude performance improvements
Isolates departments/tenants without performance degradation
Cloud enablement
Full self-service support
Deep multi-tenancy support
Per-second on-demand metering and billing support
Enable Data Driven Automation
Modern hardware can generate vast amounts of telemetry data. Significant actionable insights can be gained from analyzing this data. MetalSoft provides the infrastructure for collecting, analyzing, and acting on the data.

MetalSoft Infrastructure Intelligence
Automatic loading of logs, events and monitoring metrics from bare metal infrastructure
Built-in support for ad-hoc data exploration with built-in support or external BI tools
Support for data science with AI model building including model serving

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