MetalSoft Platform

MetalSoft provides an intelligent bare metal automation software platform to facilitate the building and operations of cloud-native infrastructures spanning from the core to the edge.
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Complete Bare Metal Control
MetalSoft includes everything you need to bulid a modern, fully automated,
lights-out bare metal infrastructure
Easy deployment
Equipment only needs to be connected to the network and powered on once. MetalSoft takes care of the rest, including auto-registration and auto-discovery of the individual components of servers (like RAM and network cards, etc.) and then the machine is ready to be deployed!
MetalSoft manages not just servers, but also storage and networks. This unlocks capabilities previously only possible on virtualized infrastructures, such as instant hardware replacement, snapshots, and suspend-and-resume functionality.
MetalSoft enables operators to deploy any operating system using both unattended installs, image cloning, as well as an advanced diskless boot mechanism that uses SAN volumes as boot drives.
Our platform is designed to be scalable and can handle a wide range of scenarios from one data center with a few servers to more a million devices spread across tens of thousands of edge locations.
Operators can develop a library of reusable tasks and workflows to augment the base functionality of the platform that can be used directly by end-users to perform frequent operations such integrating with external systems such as CRMs or ERPs.
Operational support
The platform increases operational efficiency by providing extensive troubleshooting and diagnostic tools such as monitoring of OS/hardware-provided telemetry, automatic policy-driven datacenter-wide firmware updates, health checks, etc.
Hierarchical control plane
Whether it is a single server, or a million servers spread across tens of thousands of datacenter locations, MetalSoft can fully manage them all under a single UI as well as through APIs. The mission of MetalSoft is to enable operators to manage all their datacenter equipment with zero-touch, from initial deployment to operations.

MetalSoft’s core architecture consists of a single lightweight agent per datacenter (which is small enough to run on a switch) working in conjunction with a hierarchical control plane. The entire control plane only requires two servers to manage multiple datacenters with thousands of servers and can expand horizontally as needed to manage larger deployments.
Cloud-Native Services
In addition to the hardware devices, the building blocks of MetalSoft Infrastructure include a set of deeply
integrated software applications/frameworks as well, making it quite powerful.
Kubernetes service
MetalSoft’s unique L2 networking support enables the latency of inter-container communication to be reduced by as much as 10x compared to the VM-based public cloud Kubernetes implementation.
Database service
MetalSoft also provides built-in support for a number of SQL and NoSQL databases that operators can deliver as a service as well, including Cassandra, MySQL and Couchbase.
Big data service
MetalSoft also provides built-in support for a number of data processing frameworks including Cloudera, MapR (now HP), and Hortonworks.
Blueprints and Infrastructure editor
MetalSoft makes it easy to design reusable ‘blueprints’ using a drag-and-drop UI to build a logical diagram of the Infrastructure. This blueprint can then be deployed in any datacenter, which automatically allocates from a pool of available resources, to build and deploy the blueprint. Blueprints can be reused across datacenters enabling cross-datacenter portability.

Blueprints also work at a higher-level logical layer that is comprised of a specific grouping of bare metal servers, storage, network resources and applications, Each Infrastructure is comprised of completely independent sets of hardware resources and each datacenter may contain many Infrastructures.

Full APIs and Infrastructure as code
With a full set of APIs, CLI, and SDKs, along with support for external tools such as Terraform, users can build and manage infrastructure as code.
Multi-tenancy, Metering and Chargeback
MetalSoft enables operators to offer cloud-like capabilities to their internal and external customers for bare
metal services.
The platform provides end-users with a complete public cloud-like self-service capability. The end-users can request just a single server or design/deploy a complete infrastructure. It can then be automatically deployed the requested resources and the users will receive the appropriate access credentials.
The platform was specifically designed to provide deep, multi-tenant support including isolated networks, separate storage and OOB networks, server cleanup before reuse and many others.
MetalSoft billing
MetalSoft also provides an optional subscription billing system to handle the billing needs of a service provider, including invoice handling, credit card processing via Stripe and integrations with accounting software such as Xero.
Resources such as traffic, server and storage usage are metered to allow for internal chargeback or external billing of end-users.
Data Driven Automation
MetalSoft’s suite also includes an infrastructure analytics platform called MetalSoft Infrastructure Analytics.

It is a multi-site telemetry data lake that enables operators to build a truly data driven infrastructure by better understanding what happens in the infrastructure as well as training AI models to supplement human operators.
MetalSoft automatically pushes various data, in real time, including logs and events from hardware devices, into the platform, in a structured format (parquet) with no additional parsing of logs, events or ETL process needed. Metadata is also maintained automatically making data discovery simple.
ML Workflows
The platform also provides built-in support for developing and training artificial intelligence models such as intrusion detection or predictive maintenance.
Ad-hoc analysis
This data can be used for ad-hoc analysis such as security incident post-mortems or for troubleshooting system errors or performance bottlenecks using any SQL capable tool or the built-in user interface.
The service keeps collected data at the edge where it is collected avoiding unnecessary movement of data. It enables highly efficient in-situ processing that minimizes bandwidth consumption and reacts faster to changes.
Built-in model serving
MetalSoft Intelligence has a built-in model serving support. User trained models can be loaded into the inference service and hosted at the edge. The APIs can be interrogated by 3rd party code to enable custom AI driven behaviors such as automatic intrusion detection.
Built-in auto-repair - Upcoming
Based on the Intelligence platform, MetalSoft will provide built-in support for anomaly detection, automatic root cause analysis and automatic repair of bare metal infrastructures using a combination of user defined repair workflows and automatic incident detection and diagnosis. This is part of an optional upcoming product called MetalSoft Auto-Healer.
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